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Confirmed: Microsoft Corporation now owns the domain domain name

When Microsoft launched its now-popular Kinect, the controller-free add-on for the Xbox in early November, it didn’t own the domain name has been registered since the nineties and the domain name re-directed to, a company that helped others grow their leadership brands. 

Earlier this week, back on Dec. 30th, Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire and other bloggers and writers described how Microsoft had filed a UDRP to get the following domain names:,,, and  At the time of the story, Microsoft still didn’t own

While it appears many reported the news about the UDRP cases, no one has reported that the domain name switched owners on New Year’s Eve.

As of December 31st, 2010, the domain name is now registered to Microsoft Corporation.

Domain Administrator
Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way 
Redmond WA 98052

Created on…………..: 1998-11-17.
Expires on…………..: 2014-11-16.
Record last updated on..: 2010-12-31.

The change in owners comes only days after Microsoft filed the first UDRP cases. 

According to registrant records, Microsoft now owns the domain name.  

kinect registrant

While the price of the name remains undisclosed, one can only imagine what Microsoft had to shell out.  A recent article in Gamasutra pointed out that Microsoft aims to sell 12.1 million units of the Kinect device by the end of 2011 after the company already sold 2.5 million units worldwide through November.

Over a year ago, Microsoft acquired the domain name in a transaction that was highly publicized by a number of technology sites after it was revealed that Microsoft used a company called Marksmen, a Microsoft contractor to purchase the name for an undisclosed amount.