Kevin Ham’s Killer Geodomain Shaping Up for Olympics in February

""There’s a very real opportunity for Dotcom Mogul Kevin Ham to take home the Gold with his hometown geodomain that he acquired in recent years.

His Media Company has been focusing efforts on development of the website, and with the Olympics just around the corner, could take home the Gold with the right platform in place. sits on the first page of Google Search Results, but owns the top spot. which also owns the top spot in Google for “Vancouver Olympics” and gets over 76,000 visitors per month – is owned by the Vancouver Organizing Committe for the 2010 Olympics.

In an interview by Ron Jackson, Kevin Ham discussed

Ham is also moving into the Geodomain space and has acquired the ultimate destination for his hometown – “ is a very special domain for many reasons. Many would say that Vancouver is the domain capital of the world. The city is consistently voted as one of the top three livable cities in the world. And of course, the 2010 Winter Olympics will bring the eyes of the whole world to Vancouver,” Ham said.

We are building a new advertising and retail platform through The ambition and initiative is huge and if we can make it work for our city, then we can build it for the rest of the world. Geo domains are asset rich but cash flow poor. So if we can change that paradigm into one that is cash flow rich, then we will raise the level for all geo domains.

We also own,,,, and many other geo related domain names. While these geo domains are words, they need to be combined with the right business models to realize their value. We are confident that our efforts and the plans we have for our geo domains will change the way people interact and do business.”

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