Domains starting with the word “The”, finding a Niche

potentialYummyNames owns dozens of them, Mike Berkens owns literally hundreds of them.  “The” niche names are the focus of many buyers, even selective ones. 

In this week’s DNJournal Sales Report there were some four figure sales of “The” names including and

Is there interest?

According to NameBio, notable sales in 2009 included: $1,000 $15,000 $2,560 $1,655 $11,000

Have you taken a look at Mike Berkens’ He owns tons of them.  And there are some good ones, even some funny ones.

Mike owns hundreds more and of course, it’s probably no suprise to many since he runs the popular blog

YummyNames owns dozens of the names ranging from to

You Can Still Find Plenty of Them for Hand-Registration

A lot of “The” domain names definitely have potential, even if it’s longer term down the road.