Which Great names are being snatched up on the Aftermarket for under $100 ?

Small PotatoesMost of the big domain sales boards like Namebio rely on feeds from Sellers like Afternic or NameJet in order to report domain sales.  And the feeds that are provided, aren’t always complete. 

While we’re definitely interested in what’s selling for serious money so we can better adjust the value of similar names we might own, we’re also very interested in what’s been selling on the cheap, especially when the names have a lot of potential – from development to flipping to long-term holds.

That might sound like small-time thinking, but we think within our budget – and any given day with thousands of names dropping – there are a lot of deals.  And any day we can buy names like PoliticalScientist.com or LoanHeaven.com for under $100 (which we did, like dozens of other names) – is a good day.

Of course, publishing all the names that sell each and every day would be almost as challenging as pouring through all the various drop lists every night – but it could give you an indication as to what’s been slippling through the cracks.

Domaining, is unlike any other Business

Like many domainers, we’re curious about domain sales – especially when you compare the sales price to the price paid.  It’s unlike any other business.  When you can hand-register a name or get a bargain on the aftermarket – and sell if for much more, it’s definitely encouraging. 

Though we’d probably never get around to reading through a Sales list of names each and every day, it’s fascinating when you find out that names purchased for $$$, sell for $$$$ or more.