Buying then Parking Pricey domain names like for $1.5M, how long will this last?

Money down the drain  All of these names were purchased months and months ago for a lot of money. sold for $1.5 million near the top end while sold for $675,000. sold for $770,000 back in Aug. 2009.  We are talking about a lot of money  and in some cases these names still show a GoDaddy Parked page.

If you search NameBio, you’ll find other top dollar names that were purchased for well over $500,000 still sitting parked – months and even years later.  

We understand there is probably big plans or a long term strategy for many of these names, but to simply keep the domain name parked, particularly on a GoDaddy page, doesn’t seem like the best marketing strategy. 

Investors versus End Users
Now, for domains that are purchased by companies that buy high and sell higher and higher as Investors, or monetize the names for their long term strategy with third party ads, it’s one plan. 

But for organizations who invested a large part of their capital into acquiring the domain name as part of their business and marketing strategy, only to have the name sit parked because there was no vision on what to do next, doesn’t seem like money well spent.