sells for $350K to Hallpassmedia; Best “CASUAL GAMES” Sites; CEO talks about BUY

"Hallpass Media"

One of Hallpass Media's former properties that they ended up selling -- - gets over 5 million unique visitors per month. While they no longer own that property, their success stories don't stop there. sold for six-figures as reported by Ron Jackson’s DNJournal and the news has sparked a lively discussion on the internet, especially among domainers.  The Seller cashed in BIG TIME and as Larry Fischer over at has pointed out, the extremely high sales price shouldn’t be such a shock. 

The new owners over at Hallpassmedia own the casual games industry by acquiring and developing premium GAMES domains.  

Shortly after Larry’s post went online, Bill Karamouzio the CEO of HallpassMedia commented several times on the blog offering great insights into domaining and the GAMES niche.

Domaining is not very well known outside of its circle, it would seem online gaming is even less known within the domaining circles even though gaming and online gaming are a huge part of the internet. Google trends and many other sources all show the growing trends in casual gaming…

You can read the full discussion thread over at for lots of great information.

More About Hallpassmedia

Bill runs Hallpassmedia which dominates the casual games industry online with category-killers like,, and the list is long. According to the site’s About Page:

HallpassMedia is designed to be a one stop network for all your online entertainment needs. We continue to build out our portfolio of premium domain names with targeted content, regular updates and a user experience that is unmatched by other websites. Our goal is the become the largest independent entertainment network online!

The Hallpassmedia web site has tons of useful information – ranging from industry news about the GAMES space online to lots of background information on the company as well as their domain names, domain development projects and much much more.

HallPassMedia’s Developed Sites

Hallpassmedia has the formula for continued success with their properites. Thanks to Bill for commenting, we’ve made a correction. If you’d like to know more about – here’s the scoop straight from the Hallpassmedia site:

In 2004, using private capital, FPS Networks purchased the domain AddictingGames. Within 3 months of redevelopment FPS Networks had increased traffic by over 600%, catapulting AddictingGames into one of the top 5 casual gaming sites worldwide. Attracting the attention of many VC firms and entertainment networks FPS Networks decided to sell the site to Atom Entertainment (now part of MTV Networks) in 2005. AddictingGames continues to be one of the worlds largest casual game websites and FPS Networks has worked with the MTV team for a smooth transition and continuous growth.

Some of HallPassMedia’s Properties Under Development