Minisites using WordPress by the BIGGEST in the Industry: Domain Development Corp; Boys &

Girls.comMost everyone in the Domain Industry has heard of Domain Development Corp. The secretive Domain Development company that struck a Partnership with Yahoo Sponsored Search ads for BOSS. 

Despite their skyrocketing popularity and their work with Yahoo!, they’re still making web sites for their clients and big partners like National A-1 Advertising.  They’ve also made themselves more accessible with their redesigned web site, that showcases their work and their services (

Minisites are only the Beginning
One of DDC’s big partners is National A-1, who has been launching several web sites lately including and the redesigned  They’ve also churned out some of the best looking minisites using WordPress themes. 

Two of their newest sites using WordPress include and, two category-killer domains owned by National A-1 that recently shifted the names out of Parked.  The sites are so new, it looks like they even need a little more work (for example, the sidebar on says “Featured Grant Programs” instead of “Featured Categories”).    DDC also developed using a WordPress theme.

If you still haven’t given WordPress a shot, now is the time

Whether you have no experience with web development or have domains sitting idle, WordPress is a good first step in the development and implementation of a website that could bring you organic traffic from the search engines, and much greater control over the monetization of your web site, including using affiliate ads, which is where the market is increasingly going, especially with advertisers wanting more accountability over their publishers.

Boys.comThe custom WordPress themes used by DDC for and have a more hip look for a younger crowd, and with the content, visitors may be more likely to click around the website and see what’s happening, whereas before with the parked page templates, visitors are a lot more likey to move along and not return.

WordPress is a great choice for getting your names out of parked, and you can test your abilities with content, marketing and much more without others taking a cut.