$800,000 Sale of Domain Guns.com Shatters 2010 .com record; Previous Sales of “Gun” Domains

Chicks with GunsRon Jackson of DNJournal, the domain industry news magazine, is reporting that Moniker has brokered the sale of Guns.com for $800,000 shattering the 2010 .com sales records of .com domains by over 100 percent. The next highest .com sale of 2010 is PartySupplies.com for $360,000 which was also sold at Moniker, followed by Biking.com and Boating.com each for $250,000 which sold on Afternic in February.

Though the buyer hasn’t been disclosed, for the price tag of $800,000, it’s hard to imagine this name not being developed. In terms of visitor traffic, the URL guns.com had over 13,000 visitors in January 2010, and reached as many as 30,000 unique visitors in January 2009. As far as the search engines, GunBroker.com ranks at the top with over 1.5 million unique visitors per month for the search term “guns”. ImpactGuns.com gets nearly half a million visitors, followed by NRA.org with almost 200,000 visitors.

Here is some of what Ron Jackson had to say about the transaction:

You might recall that Guns.com was in Moniker’s live auction at the DOMAINfest Global conference in January but did not meet reserve. After that event Moniker brokers continued to work hard to close a deal for the category defining domain and have now succeeded. The name was transferred on Friday and the WhoIs record currently has privacy listings…

Previous Sales of Gun Domain Names

If you’re curious about previous sales of Gun-related domain names, here’s a list of sales pulled from NameBio:

GunVendor.com sold for $28,000 on Sedo in July 2009

SpearGuns.com sold for $14,000 on Monkier in April 2009

PaintballGun.com sold for $10,299 on NameJet in December 2008

GunSpace.com sold for $5,000 on Afternic in April 2008

Guns.tv sold for $140 on Sedo in June 2008