It’s MIND-BOGGLING to see the domains that expire, especially when they appraise in the six-figures

Mind BogglingIt truly is mind-boggling to see the domain names that individuals and organizations allow to expire.  Some of the most promising domains end up on the aftermarket and fetch top dollar by buyers. 

It’s not the owners who reap the rewards though.  It’s the business savvy aftermarket companies and their partnerships with the registrars who make out big.  Everyone has their reasons for letting domains expire – they forget to renew the domain, they go bankrupt, they just don’t care — the list goes on and on.  But when it’s simply a mistake or oversight, it’s one of those things that give domainers a chance to pick up a great name at a great price.

Top domainers like Frank Schilling made a killing in the early 2000s when many gave up on the power of the internet and let their domains expire.  And he’s amassed a portfolio of domains that is virtually unmatched. Yun Ye, who sold his portfolio of names he snapped up on the drop, raked in millions.

It is Mind Boggling in this day in Age
While the number of killer names that are dropping will never equal the flow of names in the early 2000s, great domains are still dropping all the time and that’s why it’s amazing to see some of the names that end up on the aftermarket. 

Take for example.  The domain name expired on February 26, 2010, and it’s now up for auction on NameJet.  The name is appraised at $114,000 according to

CRG also known as the Customer Relations Group allowed to expire.  It expired on February 23 and is now up for auction on NameJet, as well. appraises the name at $13,000. expired on February 11.  It’s valued at $15,000.  The list is endless.

While the volume of GREAT expiring names has certainly slowed down over the last 10 years, the volume of drops is still high, given the number of subpar domain names like  (which is also on NameJet) that someone chose to register. 

But if you have the time, there is plenty of opportunity for you to turn someone else’s oversight, into something big for yourself.

Joe Maxpayne
Joe Maxpayne

how do they we follow expiring names? just by saving the whois record and following the record time to time? or is there any tool to follow that?