is coming soon! Recently acquired Domain Name by Idealab is already in the works


The word tweetup which represents a gathering of users brought together via Twitter, is a social phenomenon that has sparked hundreds of web sites dedicated to organizing and hosting local tweetup events.

Earlier we reported on the unrecorded sale of the popular social networking term

We got an email from the previous owner who confirmed the sale, but couldn’t provide any more details. Technology news site like TechCrunch and Mashable, who we’ve tipped off in the past, we’ll likely be covering this story soon now that Idealab already has a Coming Soon page online.

Idealab isn’t your ordinary Internet Development company

Idealab which has had their hands in launching and operating dozens of successful internet companies like,, and, is now looking to profit off the social networking craze of Twitter.

You can see a full list of their companies here.