Hallpass Media’s Bill Karamouzis Relaunches new company site, “Develop Those Generics!”

"Hallpass Media"

If you're not familiar with Hallpass media, Bill takes aim at premium domain names, then develops them into highly engaging portals.

Hallpass Media has launched a new company site that showcases the company’s collection of highly entertaining gaming and virtual world websites.  The owner of Hallpass Media is the March/April cover story at DN Journal and Bill has been the subject of several stories here on Fusible.com in recent weeks.

A week ago we wrote about the facelift to the Hallpass Meda site that was more a landing page, but that all changed today.  Bill emailed earlier and said the new site has been launched just today.

The new site has a cleaner interface that immediately draws attention to the popular internet properties such as StickGames.com, GirlGames.com, GuyGames.com and more.  There is also a section for advertising that offers information on the demographics so that companies looking to advertise to teens, moms, and women for example, can easily choose VirtualPets.com and WordGames.com.

In the last story run here on Fusible.com Hallpassmedia buyer of CookingGames.com, gets a facelift; over 3,000,000 gamers monthly, Bill commented and even offered up advice to domain investors:

Develop those generics folks!