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Hallpass Media Launches New Site for $350,000 “Casual Gaming” Domain Name:

"Cooking Games"
Bill Kara with his collection of highly entertaining and virtual world websites including,, and more - knows how to quickly recover an investment, even large six-figure investments for a two-word domain name in one of the worst recessions of all time.

After redesigning its own website, HallPass Media the entertainment network has launched – the domain name that sold for $350,000 in January at Noktadomains and caused many to question the reasoning behind the purchase.  Maybe because the fact that only sold for $2,500 in 2006 or that other game domains had sold for far less – but it was a no brainer for Bill Kara the CEO of Hallpass Media who paid $100,000 for the domain and is on track to quickly turn a profit in months.

Bill didn’t have sticker shock. Hallpass Media doesn’t buy and park, the company buys and develops. like many of the Hallpass Media properties is a casual gaming site. And casual gaming is a high growth market, with big money that attracts a mass audience.

Google even opened up their wallet recently to purchase Labpixes, a company that develops casual games – including applications for the Android phone.

Hallpass Media’s newest site lets you play games where cooking is a big part of the game.  From the website:

Greetings and welcome to Cooking Games! The best place on the ‘net for you to sink your teeth into a mouth watering assortment of fresh as can be Free Flash Cooking Games. We’ve rounded up a more then fair assortment of all the best that the web has to offer and are serving it up to you on silver platter. Feel free to sample everything from the deliciously decorated treats available in baking games, the saucy, spicy fun of pizza games or the sweetly unique ice cream games. Put together a great dining experience in our meal games and follow up with our great selection of cake games for dessert. Try your hand at running a fast and fun paced restaurant with our diverse selection of service and restaurant games. Whether traditional home made food or exotic foreign delicacies, timed cooking puzzle competitions or cooking and baking lessons. You’ll find we’re well stocked in top notch, ‘grade A’ flash cooking games. Dig in and enjoy!

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