The Domain Name Almost Every Marketer Wants, (and someone lets it expire)

Retire WealthyRetire Rich.  Retire Young.  Retire Wealthy.  The goals that everyone would like to reach.  And the words that marketers love to use when coaxing people into buying their get-rich-quick products or services.

Most of the names that grab attention on aftermarket sites like NameJet are product names, keywords, names with page rank.  There are always a few interesting call-to-action domains dropping, but this could possibly be one of the better call-to-action domains to expire in 2010.

Some of the more popular call-to-action messages like Retire Early, Retire Rich, Retire Young – are all registered, of course. is the home page of Contemporary Pensions, Inc. is parked a 1&1 and was registered back in the 1990s.

Rich Dad Poor Dad owns hundreds

One of the great call-to-action retire domains: is owned by – run by Robert Kiyosaki who co-authored the book Rich Dad Poor that advocates financial independence through owning businesses, investing and other techniques. is listed at NameJet in PreRelease and heads to private auction on June 7th, 2010. The domain already has 47 bidders and will likely fetch a pretty penny in the aftermarket.