News sells for $10,500; Another Hot New “Group Buying” web site in the making?

Daily Bargains
Despite owning 400,000+ names, Kevin Ham may have been better off using a name like over for his "group buying" venture.

It appears another “group buying” site could be in the making with the sale of on Sedo’s for $10,500. Group buying sites like LivingSocial have raised millions in venture capital, with LivingSocial raising $14 million in its third round this past April. Group buying sites offer daily bargains, making a perfect domain for yet another group buying venture. which currently shows a For Sale page, is no longer available for sale when you click through the buy link.

Group Buying = Daily Bargains

Group buying is a hot new trend. Though conceived years earlier, the concept never quite caught over the past years, but it has taken the internet by storm in 2009 and 2010 with the popularity of social media.

If you own a domain name that fits this category, you may want to hold on.

These are names that could be very profitable in 2010.

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