Is Having Difficulty Getting 1,000 People to Join, Despite Advertising on 400,000+ Domains?

If you’ve been watching Kevin Ham’s latest “Group Buying” venture in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the landing page and beta site change a few times. While the site is in Beta, there’s a lot of see-sawing between launching the site to the public, in Beta, and posting a “Coming Soon” page while the site tries to attract more subscribers through Reinvent’s network of 400,000+ domain names like, for example. Sign-Up Page is currently running a launch Deal that offers the chance to buy an iPad for $50 to the member who has been the most active and referred the most people to join Good News. But in order to activate this deal, needs 1,000 people to join.

Despite being online the past few weeks across 400,000+ domains, has only managed to get less than 250 subscribers. At the time of this story, 783 more Sign-ups are needed to activate the deal (however, by the time this story was published, the number suddenly changed to only 20 more sign ups).

Is it a glitch? Are people still unfamiliar with group buying?

Hard to tell, but if is truly advertised across 400,000+ domain names, taking a couple weeks to get 1,000 sign ups would be seriously disappointing results.

But since the site is in beta, there’s a good chance a lot of the kinks are still being ironed out, including the numbers for the launch deal.

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