Kevin Ham has some competition from Vancouver Group-Buying startup,


Group Buying websites like GroupOn allow users to find local deals, but offers still aren't available in every city or town. Grooster is currently focusing on Vancouver, with plans to branch out to Calgary before going nation wide in Canada.

Domain Guru turned Developer Kevin Ham who has been launching a number of businesses on his domain names like and, has some competition for his latest group-buying venture, — and the competition is coming right out his his home city of Vancouver.

The site is started by a Vancouver mother, Lesel Radage, who plans to take on the big players in the Group Buying space.

In an interview that appeared in the Vancouver Sun, Lesel told the reporter about her Group Buying venture:

It’s such an interesting space, the startup costs are relatively low,” said Radage, who started Grooster with her childhood friend and university roommate Trish Mandryk. “Our competitive advantage we think is being local; that is pretty important.”

The Vancouver Sun has also has a funny reference to a parody website called Nopuorg (Groupon spelled Backwards), for those of you tired of the group buying craze.

And if all that consumerism gets a bit much for you, check out Nopuorg, a parody (Groupon spelled backwards) with such tongue-in-cheek offerings as $15 for $30 worth of ballet, with the review: “Some people love The Ballet. They should marry it.”

Will Local Group Buying websites and domain names, trend up?

While Group Buying websites, take on city by city across the country and the world, could local group buying websites dedicated specifically to one local area, be the beginning of another trend?

There are a number of domain names available in this market (for example,, but before you leap in and buy up a bunch of local “Group Buying” related domains as an investment, you will likely be better off if you have a plan for an actual website, since city + groupbuying domains are widely available.

For fun, we registered while writing up this story today, one of just a handful of names hand registered here at Fusible in recent months.

Recently, group buying type domain names have been selling in the aftermarket like ($10,500) and ($2,700). sold for $130,000. Though the name doesn’t ring of group buying, which launched a group buying website picked up the name to strengthen its brand.

Surprisingly, there doesn’t appear to be any WordPress themes available yet to help webmasters launch their own group buying websites quickly.