Waste of Money or Smart Long term investing strategy? Hand registered domain names

catchy domain names

Some ask why waste your time with hand registered domain names, when you could spend the same amount of money on one or two good keyword domains. But with the internet still in its infancy as Andrew Rosener likes to say, integrating hand registered domain names into your portfolio could be a smart investment strategy, especially if you’re doing your research on new and upcoming trends.

Short term, you could easily be paying out more in renewal fees than you are collecting in revenue, but long term the strategy could pay off if you can spend the time to develop new sources of hand registered domain names.

Catchy domain names have been drawing attention, not only by domain investors over the years, but by businesses looking to brand their company in the absence of strong keyword names readily available for bargain prices. Companies design their marketing and advertising campaigns around these names, proving that a strong business and marketing model can bring more visitors directly to their website.

Catchy Domain Name Sales

Though big fans of keyword names and search engines, the catchy domain name market is heating up more and more. Check out some of the sales in 2010.

Baibu.com sold for $57,000 which redirects to the Google search page in Chinese, though it’s not owned by Google and an apparent type of Baidu.

Pepe.com sold for $61,200 through Mocus / Sedo. The name originally owned by Francois of Domaining.com, rebranded his catchy domain name marketplace from Mocus to Catchy.com, a website that exclusively features short attractive domain names that could be used for companies, services or products.

So whether you think hand registering domain names is a waste of money or not, with the internet still so young in 10 years you might be saying to yourself, “I can’t believe I missed out on the domain landrush of the late 2000s”.

If you search Google, there are a number of catchy web 2.0 domain name generators.

While here at Fusible.com, catchy domains haven’t been the target of recent hand registrations, some of the names recently hand registered based on other trends include DestroyerGames.com, LocalGroupBuying.com – and a number of roulette domains.

There are very few four and five letter domain names in our portfolio, mostly because we missed out.