Bill Kara of Hallpassmedia, shows how its done with Domains and Development, Wanna be like Bill?

"Juegos Gratis"

Bill acquired the domain from South American domain investor/developer Chris Chena who was profiled in DNJournal's July 2005 Cover Story.

Bill Kara is a lot different than many domain investors who buy up domain names for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s development that’s key to his success, and that means developing his “casual games” internet properties and getting those names out of parked and into the top of the search engines.

Bill Kara is a fan favorite here on Fusible, and he recently updated his Hallpass media site again with news updates – such as the launch of, the DNJournal Cover story, and more. In his latest news section, he also links to quantcast, sharing how in just five months after development, his Spanish gaming site has topped the charts.

Quantcast Directly Measured Data has Juegos Gratis ranking as one of the most viewed websites in key Spanish markets, 140th in Mexico, 71st in Argentina, 179 in Chile and 135th in Columbia…

Casual Games is anything but Casual

The Casual Games industry is big money as Bill Kara can tell you. If you’re looking to get into the gaming industry, you can actually find WordPress themes that can help you get started especially if you’re on a budget. (a property not owned by Bill Kara) uses MyArcadeBlog Pro. Owning may not be as important now anyway, now that Bill owns the macro level domain for restaurant type games with his recent acquisition and launch of For those looking for a script to start your own games portal, the MyArcadeBlogPro theme lets you transform a boring WordPress Blog into an amazing arcade games portal using Mochi Media, HeyZap, Custom and IBPArcade games.

The theme is cheap, but powerful – however it does require quite a bit of configuration and setting up and if you’re unfamiliar with WordPress, it may take you longer than the average user.