Six Months Later: statistics show interesting results about Reader’s preferences


Francois Carillo the owner of, has pumped a large sum of money into advertising and marketing the site over the years, and as anyone would tell you who is listed on, it's a great way to drive traffic to your website. is the best website to get up-to-the-minute news and information from over 100 blog and website feeds in the Domain Industry. 

Last year Steve Morales wrote a story titled “Is Your Blog Popular on Content Kings Identified”. The story caused a stir in the comments thread when Steve listed his findings from the popular website – statistics that many didn’t know existed since they had been recently introduced. Statistics: Six Months Later

Six months later from Steve’s initial story, and now with 132 feeds listed on, the website offers up some interesting data for those who are curious about reader’s preferences.

There is no smoke-and-mirrors approach in the data. Of course, some blogs have been listed longer than others, some shorter, some take out sponsored ads, some don’t…

For now, what you see is what you get, straight from the Preferences section.

Most Headlines for the past 30 days
Domain Name Wire 106 posts

Top Article Blogger (2 – 19 posts)
Rick Schwartz 12 posts 338 unique click average

Top Serial Blogger (20 or more)
DN Journal 27 posts 205 unique click average

Most Blocked Blogger blocked by 51 subscribers

Least Blocked Blogger blocked by 1 subscriber