And to think, you could have bought for $500 in 1997

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Calvin Ayre, the new owner of and the founder of BodogBrand - founded the online gaming giant Bodog with just $10,000 in 1994.

Owen Frager was the first to report in the online Domaining community that BodogBrand, a venture captial and licensing organization successfully bid on the domain name. Owen included some interesting backstory on the sale and new owner. The final price tag was $5.85 million, much higher than many in the Domain Industry expected.

It’s insane to think about it.  However, in 1997 you could’ve offered the first owners of $500 for the name. The same owners who owned at one time – Convoke Communications.

In fact, the original home page in the 1990s displayed a slew of names up for sale by Convoke, with a minimum bid of $500 each. The list of names included:

No use living in the past, however, it is truly amaizing how much the value of the name has increased in little over a decade. To get the latest on the sale of to Bodog and future plans, a number of Casino sites are reporting news of the sale – and you can bet Calvin Ayre will be putting out more news via his network of sites.