Kevin Ham’s Publicly Launched (for the city of Vancouver) Vancouver

The website looks to have officially launched this week, as the "Coming Soon" page has finally been taken down and deals from Vancouver (the home of Reinvent are shown).

For Kevin Ham, owning hundreds of thousands of category-killer domain names, is not enough. Kevin Ham and his team at Reinvent have launched a number of websites in the past year to the public: (1.3 million visitors in November 2009), (almost 50,000 visitors in February 2010) – and now,, the group buying website that is drawing in visitors by using Reinvent’s killer type-in traffic portfolio of domains like

Type in and a splash page will appear prompting you to sign up and learn more about Reinvent used a similar approach when marketing in 2009, only the technique was less in-your-face to web surfers.

Kevin Ham doesn’t settle for just Parking

Up until a couple years ago, Kevin Ham hadn’t done much in terms of development, but now he appears to be carefully selecting domains from his portfolio for development. Kevin Ham is not about settling for just good enough parking revenue, it’s about creating a viable, growing business on each name.

At this pace of domain development, it’s looking like Reinvent will be launching two to three domains per year – and it’s anyone’s guess as to which names it’ll be.

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