More Tweetup-like Plans in the Works for IdeaLab after acquiring for $15K? But for blogs?


The domain name sold on SnapNames in 2006 for $3,600 - so it's a decent return for the seller, who had an inkling the name would be worth something more someday. Before 2006, the URL was used for a variety of websites ranging from "Post Up Productions" (video and audio production centers website in Portland, Oregon) to the homepage of KXL News Radio in the Pacific Northwest.

While the purchase price of the domain name remains unknown, IdeaLab recently purchased for $14,900 on Sedo.  IdeaLab which launched in April as the “Adsense for Twitter” looks to have more plans in the works. 

If the model has been very successful, Idealab might be embracing the same concept with blogs – where the term “post” commonly refers to the text written on a weblog. 

Plans have not been revealed by Idealab as to what’s in store for, but as the story on was the first to uncover the sale of before any other news site (including TechCrunch), the purchase of leads to only one likely conclusion: that Idealab will implement a similar model as, only for bloggers.

About the Domain is currently a parked website, but the registrant record points to Idealab who took ownership of the name on May 11, 2010.

Now with the acquisition of the domain name, will Idealab acquire @PostUp, the same way they acquired @Tweetup?

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