Kids can help create ideas for buying up available domain names

"Creativity"Although most kids may have no idea about the financial and marketing power of domain names – other than knowing the web address of their favorite sites online – they can help create new ideas for registering available domain names and for spotting undervalued domain names.

Not only are kids very creative, they often know about trends within their own age groups that people outside their age group haven’t connected with.

While it’s easy to stick with “what you know” when it comes to buying/selling domains — “what you don’t know” could present a lot of opportunities once you are connected.

Kids expect to find info, online

For instance, kid’s come home with schoolwork that covers a variety of subjects about math, science, vocabulary and a range of topics studied in the classroom all over the country. Having a kid research a subject such as whales and the ocean, the internet becomes one of the first stops for getting the information.

Did you know there were mammals called Bottle Nose Whales? There are two species that closely resemble the bottlenose dolphin, but are far greater in size. After searching online for more information, only to find wikipedia to have the most useful information – and to find the URL didn’t resolve – we registered

Sure, it’s not a product domain and doesn’t have a significant search volume, but there are people searching on the term. And this is just scratching the surface.

Kids’ trends are always changing, but anyone with kids can tell you they can be a great source of ideas, particularly with domain names. And when it comes to schoolwork, the subjects aren’t trends that will be going away anytime soon.