Domain Investor Elliot Silver could be the best marketing weapon in the .CO Arsenal


Elliot Silver's grass-roots marketing efforts, include running a logo design contest at 99designs

Already marketed by well-established online companies like GoDaddy ( and Twitter (, there is no doubt that the .co registry has done a better job marketing the domain to companies and individuals than any previous country-code top level domain.

What sets apart .CO from other internet domain registries is they have created an outstanding marketing campaign that relies on ambitious web developers to promote the domain.

Instead of paying huge lump sums of cash in expanding their already expansive marketing campaign, the .CO registry simply granted premium domain names to their .COFounders.

But it’s not Twitter and GoDaddy that will help build the popularity of the domain, it’s the grass roots investors like Elliot Silver, a successful domain investor, who recently announced he would be building and launching as part of the .CO Founders program.

What .co is saying?

The .co company website regularly includes news stories about its domain – including those of Elliot Silver who has been writing about the development of  The current home page links to Elliot’s blog which includes a story titled Don’t buy .CO’s for Typo’s.

Elliot’s tweets even made the company’s website recently.

Unlike most companies and individuals, that were granted a premium .co domain free-of-charge, Elliot is chronicling the development of  Here’s a look at his latest post:

Just a quick  evening post to let you know where I am at with the development of and the steps I’ve taken so far. I want to show you how development doesn’t have to be time consuming.

1) Posted a coming soon page on and submitted it to Google Webmaster Tools. It’s nothing fancy, but I figured that I might as well put up a placeholder for now. As you can see, it’s already been indexed in Google.

2) Held a logo design contest on 99Designs.  I invited some designers I thought did quality work, and others participated as well. Hey – why don’t you take a minute and vote for your favorite logo?

3) Found a few templates I like on, which will be modified and customized to my liking. I don’t have much time to get the site live, so the custom option is going to have to wait. I plan to have a travel search function eventually, but for now a template is going to have to suffice.

To keep updated on the latest development with, visit

You can see a list of other .co websites participating in the .CO Founders Program here.


DCMike, thanks for commenting. The story isn't so much about Elliot, but it's about the grass-roots Developers and Domain Investors who are helping to make the .CO internet registry much bigger.


what?!?!?!? Are you nuts?? No offense to elliot, but if you're suggesting he's the best promo for .co, then they have a tough road ahead. Elliot and 'top notch domains' is a VERY SMALL-TIME COMPANY. He's a one-man shop and is simply going to be a mini-site. Putting in the same breath as and is a non-sense.