Hallpass Media set for its biggest website launch to date of a Casual Gaming Domain

"Dressup Games"

According to Compete, the domain name Dressup.com receives as many as 60,000 unique visitors per month, and it's not even a website yet.

Hallpass Media has massive plans underway to launch the crown jewel of all the casual gaming properties in its portfolio. 
A portfolio that includes entertainment properties like VirtualPets.com and StickGames.com. 
Despite owning some of the best gaming domains and web properties online, Bill Kara cannot afford to relax with his “crown jewel” receiving thousands and thousands of type-in visitors per month – an untapped resource that will explode in traffic once it’s fully developed and showing up in the search engines.
The crown jewel is: Dressup.com
Bill Kara has promised us via email, that the website will be appearing online in the near future, although an exact date has not yet been set, you can be sure the news will be published here on Fusible.
What does Wikipedia have to say about Dress up games?
According to Wikipedia:

The year is 2010, dress up games have changed and evolved compared to a decade ago. The graphics and game play of the animated dress-up games have dramatically improved from the 90s. Websites update and add new games close to every week to month. Before websites would require registration to play these games, but nowadays most of them are free. Dress-up websites can help children and anyone that play with their color coordination and imagination. To parents and some teachers these websites can be considered a waste of time but imagination is crucial to a child’s growth and development. Many children play dress up because they show interest in what they want to be when they finally grow up. With the increase of internet use having games and websites that contain dress-up game content will provide assistance for their growth.