News Video Games sells for $15,000 at GreatDomains

Dress-up games for girls
According to Wikipedia, "Dress-up is a game played mainly by children. It involves dressing up, usually to impersonate someone or something, like an animal or character in a fairy tale. The type of clothes they dress up in often resembles who they are trying to be, either adults' clothing or special play clothes designed specifically for dress-up like feather boas and jewelry."

More domain sales news in the Casual Gaming niche. 

On top of announcing earlier that Bill Kara’s Hallpass Media will be launching is biggest name to date with,  GreatDomains is reporting that sold for $15,000.

The keywords “dress up games for girls”, has an exact global monthly search volume of nearly 700,000 searches.

Unfortunately, NameBio doesn’t have a lot of information on past sales with the keywords “Dressup”, but in 2008, sold for $45,000.  Nokta domains, the same company that sold for $350,000 brokered the sale.

Are there any Dressup Games Domains available?

You can plow through every variation in the universe of the keyword dressup games, and chances are you’ll find the .com already registered. 

We found a few names available, nothing really that interesting, but here’s a sample.

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Neat sale, a bit longer then I like but still great keywords.

As per your story was bought by us from Nokta as well, and a few other name we bought for the keywords.

Best of luck to the buyer of this name and congrats to the seller!

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