Domain Investor Elliot Silver Makes Front Page News on .CO Registry Homepage

".CO Founders Program"

On his blog, Elliot Silver writes, "I’ve been excited about this for the past few days, and I needed to make sure a few things were in place before announcing it. After reviewing my Founder’s Program application for a web development project, the .CO Registry has awarded my company the geographic domain name Bahamas.CO. I love the Bahamas and I plan to visit sometime this winter, and I will be back there again in March for Domain Roundtable."

It was announced earlier today on, that Silver Internet Ventures, LLC run by Domain Investor and Blogger Elliot Silver was awarded the domain name as part of the .CO Founder’s Program.  The program, which is now over, according to the .CO web site is an initiative designed to engage early adopters, also known as .CO Founders, to proactively develop and maintain domains with the .CO extension.

The .CO registry has launched, a page that will be updated with the websites created by .CO Founders. 

Though lean right now, the .CO registry is eager to update the website in order to showcase how .CO Founders have developed their names.  

The clock is ticking is down on .CO Founders to meet their end of the bargain.

The news of being licensed to Elliot Silver’s company made front page news on the .CO website just hours ago, after being tweeted by @dotco (the company’s Twitter account).

Check it out – noted domain investor and blogger announces – @elliotsblog – Go Elliot! #cofounder  

Some 279,000 .co domain names have been registered to date, for what could be a domain with a lot of staying power. Companies like Twitter and TechCrunch have jumped on board as early adopters. 

The Fine Print of the .CO Founders Agreement

You must use your best efforts to launch your site within 30 days of signing the .CO Founders Contract, and in any event before July 20, 2010.
You must agree that your site will remain in good working order, with unique, meaningful content; user-friendly interfaces; and broad user appeal, for a minimum of 2 years (potentially longer for domains considered “Super Premium” by .CO Internet). Use of each .CO Founder domain will be licensed to the winning applicant until this commitment has been met (subject to all other program terms and conditions), at which point the applicant will be permitted to register their domain name with an accredited .CO registrar of their choice (standard registration fees will apply).

During the license period, you must agree to actively market and promote the .CO domain in a manner that is likely to produce widespread awareness of your site based on industry best practices.

Sites currently using .CO now as part of the Founders Program include:
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