Who was the mystery buyer behind Slots.ca for $207,000: Could it be Calvin Ayre?


The sale of Slots.ca was reported following the Slots.com sale in early June for $5.5 million - which put Slots.com at the top of the 2010 Domain Sales Charts according to DNJournal.

Earlier this month, the gambling domain name Slots.ca was snapped up for $206,906 at Moniker by a myster buyer.   Though the transaction remains private, the myster buyer doesn’t appear so mysterious after all.

Sale of Slots.ca follows Slots.com

The sale of Slots.com for $5.5MM which was acquired by Calvin Ayre, created serious buzz, both in Domain Industry cirles and Gambling circles.

I haven’t been able to confirm whether Calvin Ayre’s company Bodog was the mystery buyer of Slots.ca, but all signs point to Calvin Ayre. 

Calvin Ayre’s staff of writers, who usually post about Bodog’s activities on CalvinAyre.com, haven’t posted anything regarding the sale of Slots.ca.

However, if you type in www.Slots.ca, you may not be surprised to see the name re-direct to Slots.com.  And according to Server Siders, the domain is hosted on the same IP address as Slots.com.

Either way you cut it, if Calvin Ayre’s company did acquire the name, this is another great acquisition by Bodog Brand.