List of websites in the .CO Founders Program


The .CO registry set up a website to showcase websites developed by .CO Founders.

The .CO Founders Program was an initiative designed by the .CO Registry to engage early adopters (called “.CO Founders”, a word hack on the term cofounders which means a person or persons who start a new business jointly).  The registry granted .CO Founders premium domain names like and to people and companies, and in turn, the .Cofounders agree to develop and market a website using the domain. 

Though premium names like went to established companies like Twitter, the program was open to the masses.

List of .CO Founders websites

Here’s a list of sites we’ve found so far that have evolved their .CO domain into a website. 

We’ll regularly update this page as more are launched.  If you have a tip on a .CO Founder’s website, submit your tip here)