Incubator Model: Reinvent Takes a Different Approach, Developing its Existing Network of Domains


Reinvent owns or operates nearly 600,000 domains that generate revenue through pay per click advertising

Kevin Ham’s company, Reinvent, updated their company website again this week – this time the “Our Lab” page received a makeover. 

The page describes Reinvent’s “Incubator Model” approach, that aims to take a domain name from a simple web address into a prototype within six weeks or less.

The Reinvent Difference

No word on which domain names are in the line up for rapid prototyping by Reinvent’s Development and Product Management teams, but the company has been churning out quality website businesses over the past year including: and

The company has been showing off its latest venture into Group Buying (a popular online consumer trend)  called, which was recently launched.

What’s the difference between Reinvent’s approach to the Incubator Model versus the standard practice?

According to Reinvent:

Most incubators work by supporting an entrepreneur through venture funding and administrative support (facilities, IT, HR, finance, etc).  We think that’s a great model, except our focus will be on developing our existing network of domains.  We look for interesting business models, trends in consumer behaviour, opportunities to create efficiencies or uniquely solve problems and then use a collaborative, small team process to quickly produce prototypes.