Quarter of a million dollar domain name expires


A website that showcased industrial products for Molex throughout the 2000s, has officially expired.

The domain name expired on July 27, 2010, and it’s currently pending renewal or deletion.  The domain name registered at Network Solutions, is valued at $249,000 according to, a reputed website that offers free domain name appraisals. 

Not your ordinary Domain is not your ordinary domain name, it’s a category-killing one.  When it comes to fishing enthusiasts, the keywords “fishing reels” are searched over 300,000 times per month globally.  “Reels” is searched approximately 165,000 times per month according to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Who owns the name?

Oddly enough, used to resolve to a web site that had a store front for Aero-motive and Daniel Woodhead industrial reels, not fishing reels.   Both Aero-motive and Daniel Woodhead are trademarks of Molex, a company that supplies over 100,000 products, including everything from electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnects to switches and application tooling.

The company which operates at (, owns a number of domain names that match its trademarks such as, but surprisingly, when it comes to its products, it allowed to expire.

The domain is listed over at NameJet with a current bid of just $70, and if it somehow isn’t renewed by the owner by the backorder due date, it could very well go to Private auction on September 1, 2010.


LOL, I know about movie reels.  But you must not do keyword research that often, to know that cinemas these days are digital, not all movie reels.  And if you did keyword research, you would know that the top search term for reels is fishing reels. There are plenty of "reels" phrases, I just included the top searches in this story.  Go to as an example, and see the sponsored ads.  Thanks for sharing.


you aint too bright fusible, reels is a well-known cinematic term