.CO web registrations fast approaching the 400,000 mark

.CO on Facebook

The .CO community on Facebook, established in 2009, has over 350 members and keeps supporters up-to-date on .CO news as well as promos and discounts.

Sitting at 383,122 .CO web addresses registered to date, .CO is fast becoming a popular domain for speculators who have been gobbling up the web addresses since late July. 

The record pace of registrations for a country code top level domain, that soon will be global thanks to Google, is grabbing the imagination of Domain Investors looking to put their investment properties up for sale and make a quick profit on websites like Flipping.co

On the other end of the spectrum, some domain investors have argued the .CO will go the way of the .BIZ (a failed domain that never took off), but that argument could become harder to defend as a number of well-established companies like Twitter (www.t.co) market the domain and the number of registrations begins nearing the number of .BIZ and .US registrations, two domains that have been open to the public for years.

A closer look at .CO auctions

How are sales of .CO going on the aftermarket?  The domain is holding its own already, putting a challenge to other secondary domains.

Flipping.co, the first established aftermarket website dedicated to .CO domains, has several active auctions at any given time.  Right now there are over half a dozen including:


At Sedo, sugarcane.co, pkv.co, and bidrivals.co all have bids.

Join the .CO Community on Facebook

There is even a .CO community on Facebook, that has partnered up with Francois Carrillo’s Flipping.co.  The communty has quickly grown to over 350 supporters, and offers promo codes for registering discounted domain names.


There seems to be a problem with the link that I sent, but the .CO auctions can be found on NameJet under "Public Auctions".