National A-1 Fixing to Launch ex-Yahoo! Domain Name

The first contests should be online within the next few weeks, according to National A-1.

In June 2009, when Yahoo! sold off for $380,000, it made all the news.  TechCrunch even covered the sale in a story titled Yahoo Is Now Resorting To Selling Killer Domain Names On The Cheap

The name was picked up during the Domain Roundtable auction by National A-1, in what many domain insiders consider a steal.  National A-1, who own a large portfolio of category-killing domain names, continue to roll out new web sites and is in the hopper.

The web site, which is currently under development, can be viewed online and appears to be built on WordPress. 

And as you’d guess, it’s going to offer a variety of contests.  While the nature of the contests are unknown, according to the only article displayed on the site, the first contests are scheduled to start in the next few weeks.

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