3D domains becoming a hot trend: Have you started buying?

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Mike Berkens has wrote about it.  Stephen Douglas has wrote about it.  Combined, the number of comments for both stories has reached nearly 1,000.  I even wrote about it this week in a story headlined: delivers an amazing pitch for its domain name, after reading Stephen Douglas’ story and stumbling upon the changes to the web site that had transformed from a parked page to a web site in recent months.

When it comes to 3D, there is definitely a trend taking off in 2010 with companies and individuals getting into the mix of things by developing 3D movies, computers, televisions, cameras, games and a slew of 3D-enabled products and technologies.

3D Domain Names

With domain names, it’s always a gamble especially if the name isn’t a category-killing name, but as 2010 sees an increase in 3D products, you can bet that most 3D domain names worth buying will be gone soon.  As a matter of fact, if you do spend the time searching for names, you’ll notice that most 3D product domains weren’t registered in the last 12 months, they have been registered for years.

NoktaDomains owns nearly 1,000 domains with the keyword 3D, including  Even YummyNames owns 3D domains with names like listed for sale for $3,277 and listed reasonably at $677.

Mike Berkens owns only a handful of 3D domains among his portfolio of thousands at Most Wanted Domains, but names like (which looks to have been registered in August) could be a windfall for the savvy domain investor.  Stephen Douglas landed (referring to single-lens reflex cameras) this past week as a hand-registration. 

Earlier, Sony announced more than fifty 3D games including Killzone 3 a first person shooter (screenshot above), are in development for the PlayStation3 console.  Industry competition for 3D gaming, as with 3D TV is also heating up. 

I’ve gambled on a few ‘3D casual game’ names, putting myself back about $30 – with names like and 3DArmygames.  It’s a no-brainer with the best-selling video game of all time already enabled for 3D – Call of Duty: Black Ops.

But it’s worth the risk to wait and see all the 3D developments over the next year.

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Hey Fusie!

Thanks again for promoting my open blog article for 3D domainers to come let it all hang out… I’m afraid to post another article on my blog for fear of pushing the most popular article I’ve ever written in 3 years of my blog to the “below spot” lol 

Maybe I should post something about not buying “.biz” domains just to scare readers who really want to read about Future Trend domains. Or am I going to have to build out ANOTHER blog for this niche that is making me and my noobie readers some very good money:

Either way, thanks to you again!

You’re more than welcome, Stephen.  Appreciate the fact you took the time to share so much on your blog.  I like your idea of a dedicated blog to 3D domain names.  I’ve started covering 3D gaming more at my other new blog (which complements these stories).  Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a few 3d domains


I purchased for less than $8. within weeks I had an offer of $1000 and accepted it. I even had to wait to sell it as SEDO told me it had not been 60 days. Where can you make a profit like that? Days later sold for $1000 as well after paying less than $8. I believe we are all on to something…

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