Group buying is hot, just not the domain name:

group buying

Back in mid October I wrote about up for auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C Miami with a reserve range of $100,000+ .  Although group buying is one of the hottest industries right now, the domain name didn’t sell at auction. 

As I also mentioned in the story – if one thing is certain, it’s that group buying start-ups don’t need category-killing names to be successful.  Start ups in the group buying space have their share of success stories, despite not having what many might call “great domains”. 

While certainly describes its industry, the phrase “group buying” is not something you would expect consumers to search on when seeking out bargains and deals online.

According to Goolge’s AdWords: Keyword tool, the exact monthly search volume [globally] for the keywords ‘group buying’ was less than 3,000 searches.  Meanwhile ‘deal of the day’ had over 40,000 searches in the same timeframe, ‘daily deals’ had 27,100 searches and ‘hot deals’ raked in over 90,000 searches globally.

The group buying industry is abuzz with speculation that Google may buy GroupOn, the Chicago-based daily deal web site that launched in late 2008 – and is valued over $3 billion. 

But the news most likely won’t help the chances of selling for a six-figure asking price, but other relevant domain names in the ‘daily deal’ space could certainly benefit.

While ‘group buying’ is a hot buzzword, it’s not the case with consumers.

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