Heating up: 3D.com negotiations

Months after securing the rights to sell the domain name 3D.com, Sedo broker Ryan Colby is reporting (via Twitter) that negotiations are heating up. As I reported back in November 2010 on the history of 3D domain sales, some of the top publicly reported sales took place in 2010, with the sale of … [Read more...]

3D domain names could see strong growth and sales in 2011

Some like Stephen Douglas are for investing in 3D domain names, and others think it's nothing but a waste of money because it will be years to come before 3D technology takes off.  No matter how you look at it, long gone are the days that you can wait until a trend begins to pick up steam and … [Read more...]

A brief history of 3D domain name sales

Ever since Stephen Douglas posted an article about 3D Domains as the next big trend for domain buyers and sellers, I've been more interested in learning about the space.  Domain investors have also been having a number of online discussions about 3D domains over at DN Forum, Namepros and other … [Read more...]

3D domains becoming a hot trend: Have you started buying?

Mike Berkens has wrote about it.  Stephen Douglas has wrote about it.  Combined, the number of comments for both stories has reached nearly 1,000.  I even wrote about it this week in a story headlined: 3D.com delivers an amazing pitch for its domain name, after reading Stephen Douglas' story and … [Read more...]