Heating up: negotiations

Months after securing the rights to sell the domain name, Sedo broker Ryan Colby is reporting (via Twitter) that negotiations are heating up.

As I reported back in November 2010 on the history of 3D domain sales, some of the top publicly reported sales took place in 2010, with the sale of leading the charts at $22,650 in March 2010. 

The current sales record belongs to which sold for $25,500 EURO in early 2011, however the sale of should easily shatter that mark.

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I think some nice 3d names will sell this year, but the tablet market is will crush everything

3D is so 2010!  3-D is Glasses-Free Autostereoscopic.  3-D 4K TV’s and Tablets can display 3-D and 4K simultaneously allowing amazing effects.  Just when you thought 3D was dead.  Bang it’s now in 3-D!
Top 3-D Domains “The Holy Grail”

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