UPDATED: R3D Entertainment files trademark for 3D.com, buying domain

Updated June 23, 2011, 6:40 PM:  I received an email from Lanny Rutkin, owner of R3D Entertainment, telling me that his company is buying the domain name 3D.com.  ** Original: I just did a search on the US Patent and Trademark Office website (USPTO.gov) and discovered a trademark filing for … [Read more...]

Tweet: Stick to .com, it will remain on top

Sedo broker Ryan Colby (who goes by the Twitter handle @SedoBroker) is very active on the micro blogging website Twitter, making sure to keep his nearly 1,000 followers up to date on the goings on of a domain broker for the world's largest domain marketplace.  Ryan, like many other brokers online … [Read more...]

Which domains? Sedo receives offers of $1 million, $500K, $300K and more

Sedo received some "firm" offers on domain names yesterday, according to a tweet by Sedo broker Ryan Colby.  The offers range in price from $1,000,000 all the way down to $30,000, but none have yet to be accepted.  And none have yet to be revealed. "Today's firm offers on selected domain names … [Read more...]

Heating up: 3D.com negotiations

Months after securing the rights to sell the domain name 3D.com, Sedo broker Ryan Colby is reporting (via Twitter) that negotiations are heating up. As I reported back in November 2010 on the history of 3D domain sales, some of the top publicly reported sales took place in 2010, with the sale of … [Read more...]

The latest updates on New Jersey Internet Gambling Bill, gambling domains, sales, and more

There's been a number of headlines this past month about internet gambling and gambling domains.  Here's a roundup of news and gossip from around the web, with stories ranging from the New Jersey Internet Gambling Bill and ongoing negotiations for the sale of gambling.com, to 2011 domain sales and … [Read more...]