UPDATED: R3D Entertainment files trademark for, buying domain

Transformers War for Cybertron

Updated June 23, 2011, 6:40 PM:  I received an email from Lanny Rutkin, owner of R3D Entertainment, telling me that his company is buying the domain name 


Original: I just did a search on the US Patent and Trademark Office website ( and discovered a trademark filing for “” for promoting the goods and services of others by providing a website featuring 3D and 3DS images, photos and videos.

R3D Entertainment Incorporated, a company that owns a portfolio of 3D stereoscopic websites specializing in publishing and distributing 3D, is the applicant. 

The application was filed on June 13, 2011, a week after Sedo Broker Ryan Colby tweeted that negotations for the domain were heating up.

Although Ryan hasn’t tweeted any updates specifically about since June 6, he did recently tweet that a $1,000,000 offer had been made on an undisclosed name.

Now, I could be wrong, but here’s where the story gets strange.

R3D Entertainment, whose company website is located at, doesn’t appear to be the current owner of, in fact, R3D Entertainment doesn’t even own, according to WHOIS records.  If the company can’t afford, it most likely doesn’t have the massive amount of cash needed to buy

So, is the company the mystery buyer currently in “heated negotiations” to buy the name?

Or, is Lanny Rutkin of R3D Entertainment, who owns over 1,000 domain names with the word “3D”, trying the same failed smoke and mirrors technique as AOL attempted with its claim on (a domain it doesn’t even own)?

On April 16, 2001, the only existing trademark for filed by Chequemate International, was abandoned.

I’ve reached out for comment to Lanny Rutkin and Ryan Colby.  I will update the story, if I hear back.

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Tweet: Stick to .com, it will remain on top

sedob roker

Sedo broker Ryan Colby (who goes by the Twitter handle @SedoBroker) is very active on the micro blogging website Twitter, making sure to keep his nearly 1,000 followers up to date on the goings on of a domain broker for the world’s largest domain marketplace. 

Ryan, like many other brokers online who are non stop busy, regularly retweets messages posted by other domain investors, most of whom also happen to be bloggers.

His messages aren’t limited to just retweets.  He posts advice on domain names.

“I am bombarded with emails each day about brokering .net, .in, and other secondary domain extensions. Stick to .com, it will remain on top,” Ryan tweeted from his iPhone on June 16. 

Ryan also shares information about sales, both pending and closed sales.  Unfortunately sometimes, due to NDAs, Ryan is prevented from discussing the details of the transaction. 

Here are some of his latest tweets.

@SedoBroker: Looking for premium generic domain names for sale with a history of profitability in lead generation. 7 figure budgets.

@SedoBroker: Just sold for $25,000.

@SedoBroker: 4 letter premium .com name sold today for $300,000. Sorry guys, can’t publish!

The 4 letter .com sale, tweeted by Ryan yesterday, would have put the domain in this year’s top 10 domain sales, so far reported to date.


Which domains? Sedo receives offers of $1 million, $500K, $300K and more


Sedo received some “firm” offers on domain names yesterday, according to a tweet by Sedo broker Ryan Colby.  The offers range in price from $1,000,000 all the way down to $30,000, but none have yet to be accepted. 

And none have yet to be revealed.

“Today’s firm offers on selected domain names not yet accepted: $1,000,000, $500,000, $300,000, $220,000 & $30,000,” posted Ryan on his Twitter page @SedoBroker.

Although the domain names are unknown at the present time, you could take a guess and speculate based on recent tweets Ryan has published online.

Earlier this week, Ryan mentioned that the owner of the domain is in the process of negotiations.

Over a week ago, he mentioned negotiations were heating up for

Ryan also announced a $215,000 deal that was conducted, but the details on the transaction won’t be released until next week.


Heating up: negotiations

Months after securing the rights to sell the domain name, Sedo broker Ryan Colby is reporting (via Twitter) that negotiations are heating up.

As I reported back in November 2010 on the history of 3D domain sales, some of the top publicly reported sales took place in 2010, with the sale of leading the charts at $22,650 in March 2010. 

The current sales record belongs to which sold for $25,500 EURO in early 2011, however the sale of should easily shatter that mark.


The latest updates on New Jersey Internet Gambling Bill, gambling domains, sales, and more

Governor Chris Christie

There’s been a number of headlines this past month about internet gambling and gambling domains.  Here’s a roundup of news and gossip from around the web, with stories ranging from the New Jersey Internet Gambling Bill and ongoing negotiations for the sale of, to 2011 domain sales and predictions. 

New Jersey Internet Gambling

I wrote earlier in the week how The New York Post was predicting New Jersey Governor Christie would veto the state’s Internet Gambling Bill.  Though it was thought Gov. Christie had until Feb. 24 to sign the bill, veto the bill, or veto the bill with conditions, otherwise it would become law if no action was taken – it appears he has longer. 

According to PokerNews, “Christie has decided that he actually has until March 3 to make the decision.  The governor’s office claims a legislative recess in New Jersey gives him the extra time, according to Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association chairman Joe Brennan Jr.” 

Another issue that was brought to light in the PokerNews article, is that the NY Post story that claimed the Governor might veto the bill, appears to be false.  PokerNews quotes Brennan: “I’ve heard people say they heard the governor is going to veto the bill,” Brennan said. “Our people are as close to the governor as anybody and they don’t know what he’s going to do because the governor hasn’t indicated to any party of this what he’s going to do. Anyone saying they know, they’re not involved in anything but rumors and prognostication.”

And while New Jersey could be the first state to legalize internet gambling, California could follow shortly thereafter.  Steven Stradbrooke of has more on California legislation.

Gambling Domains 2011 Sales
The gambling domain industry had a fantastic year in 2010 in which two gambling domains sold for seven-figures: for $5.5 million and for $1 million.  While 2011 is just getting started, Sedo Broker Ryan J. Colby who recently brokered the top-selling domain name in 2011 so far to date with for $500,000, has predicted this year will be one of the best on record. 
“I’m making an early prediction that 2011 will see the highest number of seven figure domain name sales on record”, Ryan tweeted last week.
Though there haven’t been many big gambling domain sales in 2011 to date, sold for $28,000 earlier this month.  And there’s a good shot Ryan’s prediction will become true, with gambling domain names like and on the market.   The sale of is being brokered by Sedo, which brings me to my next headline.
The Sale of will complete during the Second Quarter
Speculation grew that billionaire Calvin Ayre might purchase to add to his growing Bodog empire.  A story that appeared on BlackJack Champ even speculated he would own the name by the end of January.  Well, Media Corp Plc still owns the domain according to registrant records, but the company’s 2011 first quarter trading highlights published last month shed some light on what’s going on with
“Strong year on year growth has continued at Purple Lounge Limited, the Group’s online poker and casino business and at Eyeconomy, the Group’s wholly owned advertising network. In addition the Group is in ongoing negotiations with a number of parties for the sale of It is anticipated that the sale should complete during the second quarter of the financial year.”
Kentucky internet domain name case dragging on
There haven’t been many new developments in the Kentucky domain name case that has dragged on for years.  In January, lawyers representing both sides of the case filed briefs in Franklin County Circuit Court, in Frankfurt, KY, iMEGA reported.
“Lawyers representing iMEGA asserted the association’s right to contest the Commonwealth’s attempts to seize their members’ Web site addresses, while Kentucky’s lawyers ignored previous court rulings on standing, insisting that iMEGA and other trade associations lacked the right to appear.”
As iMEGA points out, “The matter now lies in the hands of Franklin County circuit court Judge Thomas Wingate, who issued the original seizure orders on the behalf of Kentucky.”
Have a gambling domain rumor or story tip I should know about?  Contact us or leave it in the comments. 
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