Which domains? Sedo receives offers of $1 million, $500K, $300K and more


Sedo received some “firm” offers on domain names yesterday, according to a tweet by Sedo broker Ryan Colby.  The offers range in price from $1,000,000 all the way down to $30,000, but none have yet to be accepted. 

And none have yet to be revealed.

“Today’s firm offers on selected domain names not yet accepted: $1,000,000, $500,000, $300,000, $220,000 & $30,000,” posted Ryan on his Twitter page @SedoBroker.

Although the domain names are unknown at the present time, you could take a guess and speculate based on recent tweets Ryan has published online.

Earlier this week, Ryan mentioned that the owner of the domain is in the process of negotiations.

Over a week ago, he mentioned negotiations were heating up for

Ryan also announced a $215,000 deal that was conducted, but the details on the transaction won’t be released until next week.


Hunting Moon tweets about a $1.5 million individual domain name sale in progress

Hunting Moon

In early May, Eric Borgos reported selling 4,000 of his adult domains for $1.3 million.  “The majority of the domains were hand registered by me in the 1990s and the rest were all at least 7-8 years old”, wrote Eric on his company’s website blog

The broker of the 4,000 domain names, is one of the cooler companies with a catchy name and logo: Hunting Moon.

The company regularly tweets using @HuntingMoon to keep people up to date on its sales and newly listed domain names.  When it announced the news of the portfolio sale for $1.3 million, it also stated it had an individual domain name sale in progress in the amount of $1.5 milllion. 

“just wrapped up a $1,300,000 portfolio flip, viva domaining! we have a $1,500,000 individual domain name sale in progress as well”, tweeted Hunting Moon on its Twitter page on May 5.

Yesterday the company announced it sold a $30K dating domain package, among other sales that included for $2,500.

If the sale closes of the $1.5 million domain name, and it’s made public, it would put it in the #1 spot in the YTD Sales Chart for 2011 tracked by Ron Jackson. 

The domain name sale that currently holds the top sales spot is none other than at $1,000,000.