Billionaire Calvin Ayre continuing to build brand, $5.5MM for domain was just the beginning

calvin ayre

Billionaire Calvin Ayre, who once graced the cover of Forbes magazine, as one of the richest people in the world, is continuing to build his brand – a domain name that cost him over $5.5 million just for owernship of the web address. 

Despite the enormous price tag that would cause some businesses and individuals to say, ‘Why on Earth would anyone pay that much money for a domain name?’, Calvin’s ability to purchase the name could very well be one of his crowning achievements.

In case you weren’t aware, Calvin ‘sold everything he owned and with $10,000 to his name he assembled his team and launched the original Bodog.’

In September, Bodog announced will be creating 100 new jobs.  ‘ will operate as an independent company, coupled with its existing dominance – by virtue of its domain – and the drive of the new company personnel the brand plans to become the largest player in, not only, online slots but also casino too. Beyond the launch stage, the site will also look to host a full featured casino, including live dealer options.’

In late October, in an article that appeared on, news was announced that Lee Richardson, would be joining as MD. 

What did Lee have to say about joining the team?

“There is no strong brand in the slots area like there is in, say, poker yet any casino off or online will happily admit that slots are not only physically the biggest part of the casino but more crucially in profitability terms slots are equally dominant. The domain gives us a fantastic SEO edge and when coupled with the brand experience and marketing clout we will add this venture becomes a very powerful proposition,” Richardson commented.

Calvin Ayre has moved quickly to build the brand, so expect a lot more news soon.

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