Thought Convergence officially kicks off

Thought Convergence has officially kicked off it’s web site.¬† In an email sent out to subscribers, the team details information about the web site.

From the AfterMarket team:

We are pleased to announce the official launch of; the Thought Convergence online marketplace for domains. offers Auction, Buy Now and Make an Offer domain listings. You can buy and sell with confidence knowing domains and buyers have been verified. Top-tier partners ensure that each listing contains links to relevant statistics and that domain transfers occur in a timely and secure manner. Using the platform is simple and intuitive because we dedicated some serious effort to collecting feedback and saving you time.

Earlier this week, Mike Berkens of wrote a related post How can stand out from the Crowd, highlighting the importance of stopping ‘dead beat bidders and non-performing sellers’ on auction web sites¬†– a problem that Domain Consultant is addressing with