News goes dark after failed auction

Although received a $2.5 million bid at SnapNames by the time bidding closed online, it still fell far short of the $5 million+ price tag the owner Scott Carter was looking for.

Since the auction closed on June 15, the website has since gone offline.

Scott Carter who tweets under the username @Scott_Carter has been quiet on Twitter.

Who knows what’s to become of now.  But the domain that TechCrunch said could very well end up being one of the most expensive domain sales of all time, has turned out to not be such a hot commodity after all.

No details on a closed-door deal have emerged, but it’s certainly within reason. 

Last year’s auction of the domain by Moniker did not reach its reserve price during its auction, but 11 minutes after the auction closed, Moniker received a bid for 5.5 million USD via an absentee proxy bid as reported by Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly.

4 replies on “ goes dark after failed auction”

This pricing isn’t realistic, should have started in 6 figures in my view. Now is the perfect time to be selling this.

Come on- No bid existed for this name at 2.5 million. Lucky to get 1 million. some names are just to generic. I dare them to say who bid 2.5 million. Really it does not make sense to even make a bid if the reserve is at 5 mill… may have sold if the live event wasn’t canceled IMO but a buyers dream actually happened when Oversee went down. Backdoor deals are easier to make when you don’t only have minutes to decide to bid or not. The seller will likely get less than if it was at “live” auction but I think it may sell.

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