Salesforce starts redirecting $2.6MM domain to its Salesforce Marketing Cloud site [UPDATED]

After acquiring the domain name nearly two years ago, is finally putting it to use. Earlier today, the cloud computing company began redirecting the name to its Salesforce Marketing Cloud website, located at The purchase of … [Read more...]

Top 10 Stories of 2011: #5 Salesforce revealed as $2.6MM buyer

The biggest domain sale of 2011, with a price tag of $2.6 million, was  The domain sold in June and was co-brokered by Marksmen's Cyntia King and's John Mauriello. As to who purchased the domain name remained a mystery, that is until I broke the story that the buyer was … [Read more...]

Salesforce’s moves into Private Beta, app almost ready for prime time

Salesforce's latest product, a business productivity application whose slogan is "Do and it's Done", has come out of alpha and moved into private beta.  According to the Beta sign up page, which popped up online this week, is near release and invitations are being sent out as fast as … [Read more...] is the mystery buyer of $2.6 million [UPDATED] appears to be the buyer who paid $2.6 million in late June 2011 for, this year's top selling domain to date, that has been publicly reported. The buyer in the sale, which was co-brokered by Marksmen's Cyntia King and's John Mauriello, was never … [Read more...]

Salesforce to launch yet to be revealed, get things done with anyone has been announcing a number of new products recently, but one product that it hasn't publicly announced as of yet, is a productivity app called "do" which can be found on the website The slogan on the homepage reads: "The app to get things done with anyone" The Coming … [Read more...]

Microsoft acquires from same broker as

Could Microsoft be planning to launch its own social networking service to compete with Facebook and the new Google Plus? What's definitely not speculation is that Microsoft has acquired the four-letter domain name  Today, the Whois record revealed Microsoft Corporation as the new … [Read more...]

After co-brokering sale of for $2.6 million, Marksmen acquires the domain name

Marksmen, the IP and brand protection company, who made headlines in June after co-brokering the sale of for $2.6 million, appears to have just acquired a related domain for one of its clients. Whois records for the short four-letter domain name,, switched from YummyNames (by … [Read more...] for $2.6 million: What about the domain for only $950?

The word on the street is that the domain name has sold for $2.6 million according to Ron Jackson of DNJournal.  News of the sale created a flurry of interest online, with TechCrunch even publishing an article that included links to domain industry blogs that had covered the … [Read more...] goes dark after failed auction

Although received a $2.5 million bid at SnapNames by the time bidding closed online, it still fell far short of the $5 million+ price tag the owner Scott Carter was looking for. Since the auction closed on June 15, the website has since gone offline. Scott Carter who tweets under … [Read more...]

[UPDATED] $5 million and up reserve, receives no bids

With less than 12 hours left in bidding, the domain has received no offers at SnapNames, where the name is being auctioned as part of the Barcelona DOMAINfest Premium Auction. SnapNames was forced to cancel the June 8th live auction in Barcelona due to technical problems with its … [Read more...]