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Salesforce starts redirecting $2.6MM domain to its Salesforce Marketing Cloud site [UPDATED]

After acquiring the domain name nearly two years ago, is finally putting it to use.

Earlier today, the cloud computing company began redirecting the name to its Salesforce Marketing Cloud website, located at

The purchase of, the biggest domain sale of 2011, was initially kept private.  Though the name still sits behind WHOIS privacy, a little sleuthing back in 2011 using Network Solutions’ “Forgot Your Login?” page, turned up as the buyer.  The transaction was later confirmed by Marc Benioff at’s Cloudforce New York in November 2011.

Salesforce revealed the Marketing Cloud during Dreamforce ’12, which the company describes as the world’s only unified social marketing suite.

A redirect may or may not be the best use of $2.6 million domain name, but at least it’s doing something.

For the past two years, the domain name didn’t resolve to an active web page on the web.

Salesforce made no official announcement regarding the use of the name, but with its marketing cloud facing competition, it looks like it’s going to start taking advantage of some type-in traffic.

UPDATE 1 April 23, 2013: is expanding its social ad offerings with a new product called Salesforce, reports TechCrunch.


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