Salesforce starts redirecting $2.6MM domain to its Salesforce Marketing Cloud site [UPDATED]

After acquiring the domain name nearly two years ago, is finally putting it to use. Earlier today, the cloud computing company began redirecting the name to its Salesforce Marketing Cloud website, located at The purchase of … [Read more...]

Panel denies Salesforce the name in domain dispute

After filing a complaint (Case No. 1416951) with the National Arbitration Forum last month against Internet Venture Holdings (IVH) over, has been denied the domain name. Not surprisingly, the panel found that <> was not identical or confusingly similar to … [Read more...]

Top 10 Stories of 2011: #5 Salesforce revealed as $2.6MM buyer

The biggest domain sale of 2011, with a price tag of $2.6 million, was  The domain sold in June and was co-brokered by Marksmen's Cyntia King and's John Mauriello. As to who purchased the domain name remained a mystery, that is until I broke the story that the buyer was … [Read more...] attempts to hijack by filing domain dispute

Earlier this month, filed a complaint (Case No. 1416951) with the National Arbitration Forum against Internet Venture Holdings (IVH) over the domain While complainants in disputes filed with the National Arbitration Forum aren't revealed until a panel delivers a … [Read more...]

Salesforce’s moves into Private Beta, app almost ready for prime time

Salesforce's latest product, a business productivity application whose slogan is "Do and it's Done", has come out of alpha and moved into private beta.  According to the Beta sign up page, which popped up online this week, is near release and invitations are being sent out as fast as … [Read more...] is the mystery buyer of $2.6 million [UPDATED] appears to be the buyer who paid $2.6 million in late June 2011 for, this year's top selling domain to date, that has been publicly reported. The buyer in the sale, which was co-brokered by Marksmen's Cyntia King and's John Mauriello, was never … [Read more...]

Salesforce to launch yet to be revealed, get things done with anyone has been announcing a number of new products recently, but one product that it hasn't publicly announced as of yet, is a productivity app called "do" which can be found on the website The slogan on the homepage reads: "The app to get things done with anyone" The Coming … [Read more...]

Buyers passed on the domain at TRAFFIC NYC 2009, now unveils

TechCrunch is reporting that, the cloud computing company that runs the world’s #1 sales application, has launched, its enterprise cloud database.   Last year, if you recall, the domain name went up for sale at the TRAFFIC 2009 New York Domain Conference - … [Read more...]