Salesforce’s moves into Private Beta, app almost ready for prime time

Salesforce's latest product, a business productivity application whose slogan is "Do and it's Done", has come out of alpha and moved into private beta.  According to the Beta sign up page, which popped up online this week, is near release and invitations are being sent out as fast as … [Read more...]

Salesforce to launch yet to be revealed, get things done with anyone has been announcing a number of new products recently, but one product that it hasn't publicly announced as of yet, is a productivity app called "do" which can be found on the website The slogan on the homepage reads: "The app to get things done with anyone" The Coming … [Read more...]

Microsoft acquires from same broker as

Could Microsoft be planning to launch its own social networking service to compete with Facebook and the new Google Plus? What's definitely not speculation is that Microsoft has acquired the four-letter domain name  Today, the Whois record revealed Microsoft Corporation as the new … [Read more...] for $2.6 million: What about the domain for only $950?

The word on the street is that the domain name has sold for $2.6 million according to Ron Jackson of DNJournal.  News of the sale created a flurry of interest online, with TechCrunch even publishing an article that included links to domain industry blogs that had covered the … [Read more...]

Electronic Arts adds to its arsenal of killer domains as it prepares to battle Modern Warfare 3

Electronic Arts (EA) already owns and operates, a domain name it acquired in 2007 after using Marksmen, a service used by larger companies that describes itself as the go-to-firm for corporations who want to keep their identity and costs on the down low. EA took official ownership … [Read more...]