News for $2.6 million: What about the domain for only $950?


The word on the street is that the domain name has sold for $2.6 million according to Ron Jackson of DNJournal

News of the sale created a flurry of interest online, with TechCrunch even publishing an article that included links to domain industry blogs that had covered the auction (including this very blog).

While news of the sale isn’t everywhere you look, you’d think the owner of the dotorg ( got the memo, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Titan Networks, the owners of the dotorg, charge anywhere between US$950 and $4950 for their domains and that includes according to the website. 

All of our domains cost at least $950, so please don’t mail us requesting a quote if is not worth even that much to you. Similarly, please don’t send any offers of less than $950,” reads a message on the website.

Over the years a number of dotorgs have been some of the biggest domain sales such as for $1 million, for $440,000, for $198,000, and for $150,349.

Though it’s possible you could’ve picked up for a bargain at $950, it might be selling for more as a result of the sale. 

Ron Jackson indicated the seller Scott Carter used Marksmen, the same service used by companies like Electronic Arts who acquired and Microsoft who purchased the domain

[UPDATE June 23, 2011 8:56 PM: updated its home page today.  Don’t bother offering three or even four figures for the domain.  A message on the site now reads, “To address the dozens of people who have written to ask for our “price”, we’ll note the rule of thumb that org sites often sell for about 10% of the .com sale amount. So please don’t send offers below six figures.]

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