Salesforce’s moves into Private Beta, app almost ready for prime time Beta

Salesforce’s latest product, a business productivity application whose slogan is “Do and it’s Done”, has come out of alpha and moved into private beta.  According to the Beta sign up page, which popped up online this week, is near release and invitations are being sent out as fast as possible.

No public information has been made available, and very little information can be gleaned from the website other than it’s some type of business productivity application.

A quick search on Google using “” shows that a subdomain,, was set up on the site.  “Assets” in the Salesforce world refer to, “specific products your customers have purchased, including a serial number, date of purchase, or any other information related to an individual sale.  Depending on how your organization uses assets, they can represent a competitor product that your customer has or versions of your products.”

At the end of August I wrote about launching a “Coming Soon” site, after noticing the domain name transferred from the server where it was brokered to a different server.


Salesforce to launch yet to be revealed, get things done with anyone by Salesforce has been announcing a number of new products recently, but one product that it hasn’t publicly announced as of yet, is a productivity app called “do” which can be found on the website

The slogan on the homepage reads: “The app to get things done with anyone”

The Coming Soon page went live today. 

I discovered the site earlier this evening, after noticing that the domain name transferred from the server to its current server on August 26, but for the past several days no website was online.

In July I stumbled upon a secret Microsoft project while monitoring Marksmen’s name servers.  Marksmen brokered the sale of and also co-brokered the sale of for $2.6 million to a mystery client. 

The mystery buyer behind has yet to be revealed, but you can officially add to the bunch. is the largest publicly reported domain sale so far in 2011.

Dreamforce, the cloud computing conference held by is currently being held in San Francisco until September 2.