Nearly all SEAL Team 6 trademark applications abandoned with USPTO

Navy SEALs

For individuals and companies trying to cash in on SEAL Team 6, it can be an uphill battle.  First it was Disney that tried trademarking “SEAL Team 6” only days after Osama bin Laden was killed in early May.  Then others quickly followed, including the Department of the Navy itself which filed for a trademark on “SEAL Team”, a story that first broke here in mid May.

On the heels of the news that Disney abandoned their trademark filings in late May which covered toys, games, clothing, footwear and more, most others have done the same.

M. Z. Berger & Co, abandoned its trademark filing on May 27, two days after Disney.

Justice is Done filed for abandonment on June 21.

There are still some holdouts though.

Watchmaker RESCO Instruments, which was founded in 2009 and claims to have its watches used by 90 active duty US Navy SEALs, looks to show no signs of giving up on its trademark application.

Jon Narmi, an individual out of Iowa who filed for a trademark in June, hasn’t abandoned his application either, which covers fiction works, namely, novels and books.

(Photo of Navy SEALs preparing for a mission via the United States Navy)


  1. For example, if you had to register this in Europe and be a European, can you still be sued??