Zenimax closer to revealing ‘Dishonored’ as dishonored.com transfers to Zenimax


Updated:  Hours after I published this post, Zenimax media unveiled the Dishonored.com website. 


Not much is known about a suspected project called ‘Dishonored’ underway at Zenimax, the publisher of games such as Doom and Rage.  

However, the company did get one step closer to revealing ‘Dishonored’, which the company filed a trademark application for in June 2011 which was spotted by SystemLink

So, what has been revealed?

Well, for one thing, it appears Zenimax has owned the matching domain dishonored.com for nearly a year.

Yesterday, the domain name dishonored.com which is currently hidden behind Whois privacy at Corporation Service Company (a brand protection company), transferred DNS servers from CSC’s own servers to Zenimax’s DNS servers at ns1.zenimax.com and ns2.zenimax.com, where the company’s other online properties reside such as rage.com, a domain name it purchased in May 2010 at the online marketplace Sedo for $49,999 USD.

The transfer could be a sign that a website is about to be unveiled.

Here’s a look at the updated Whois record.

Dishonored.com Whois record

The domain name dishonored.com was acquired by CSC from well-known domain investor Mike Berkens almost a year before Zenimax filed for the trademark.  Mike Berkens, who writes a blog at TheDomains.com, has sold a number of web addresses that have gone on to make news such as BigGovernment.com, now a website which recently made headlines after releasing the Anthony Weiner photos. 

According to Whois history, dishonored.com was acquired by CSC in July 2010. 

CSC is well known for providing domain services and identity protection on behalf of some of the largest companies in the world, including Microsoft and Google.

(Photo of Rage via Zenimax Media)